how to put on shirt studs

Put the shirt into the solution and let it soak for at least 10 minutes; check the kit instructions for the correct amount of soaking time. When the time is up, wring out the shirt to draw out most of the moisture. To make the lines on your shirt distinct, wring out as much water as you can. ... More

how to run c from terminal

Type cd into the PuTTY terminal, followed by the directory address that holds the C++ source code you wish to compile. Step Type dir into your PuTTY terminal, because MingGW is a Windows compiler, and the terminal lists the files in your current directory. ... More

how to make mac sleep with power buttron

If your Mac or MacBook wont shut down when you use the > Shut Down from the Apple menu and the only way you close the machine down is to press the power button on your Mac, then perform both an SMC and an NVRAM reset to clear out the root problem. ... More

how to make fake yelp reviews

25/09/2013 The Yelp Inc. logo is displayed in the window of a restaurant in New York, U.S., on Thursday, March 1, 2012. Yelp Inc., the site that lets users review everything from diners to dentists, is ... More

how to put an infasecure on cit

They are easy to put in and out of the vehicle if needed and also secure once installed. The children being of different sizes and ages are both securely belted and very comfortable while travelling. The seats are adaptable and adjustable for 6mths to 8 yrs which is a good option for long term use. The padding and inserts are very easy to use. The seats sit well in the vehicle and the children ... More

how to say choice in armenian

Thus God's choice of the sinner, not the sinner's choice of Christ, is the ultimate cause of salvation. God's choice of certain individuals unto salvation before the foundation of the world was based upon His foreseeing that they would respond to His call. ... More

how to watch code geass in order

Yes it is worth to watch Code Geass Code Geass follows an expelled Britannian prince, Lelouch Lamperouge, in his attempts to overthrow the oppressive Britannian empire. Comparing idealism to reality, this anime explores the philosophies of rebelli... ... More

how to make jelly playdough

Jelly Playdough 1 x 85g (3oz) packet Jelly cystals. 1 cup flour 2 tbsp cream of tartar. 1/4 cup salt* 1 cup hot water. 2 tbsp vegetable oil In a saucepan, stir together the jelly crystals, flour and cream of tartar. Put the hot water into a jug and add the salt. Stir to dissolve. Pour the salt water and oil into the saucepan and stir it all together with a wooden spoon. It will be pretty runny ... More

how to make fiberglass resin dry faster

14/05/2018 If youre cleaning a large fiberglass surface, like the hull of a boat, use a power washer to make the process easier and faster, be very careful, as a power washer can actually cut fiberglass and blow chunks right off surface. ... More

how to make frosting with powdered sugar

... More

how to make a paper aeroplane jet

... More

how to work out nett pay

Nett Pay An employee’s nett pay is the cash amount that they will receive at the end of each pay period. It is calculated by subtracting any applicable deductions from the cash components (income and allowances) of their gross income. ... More

how to make a spark gap

The static gap will perhaps not quench good enough (though I bet it will, as I have seen a standard muffin fan type RQ/RH cylindrical gap of a fellow coiler perform very well with my pigs), so I'll build an additional synchronous rotary spark gap (SRSG). ... More

how to make a great lasagna

It's got everything you love about a traditional lasagna, top with sauce, then top with a layer of mozzarella. Repeat to make 3 layers. Bake until lasagna is bubbling and cheese is melty ... More

how to put your phone on privatefor oppo

Speedy Facial Unlock New path to future. You can always unlock the A73 screen with your fingerprint. A73 also offers a super friendly flagship function --- unlocking your screen simply by holding the phone up as if to say hi. ... More

how to make out in bed

Getting out of bed is a hard enough as it is, so when its cold and dark outside, staying snuggled under a warm duvet seems like a far more inviting prospect. ... More

how to write kanji stroke order

RULE #5: If there is a vertical line going through other parts, it comes last or at least later. ? (inside, middle) ? (write, writing) And if there is a horizontal line that overlaps other ... More

how to make brain cupcakes

16/12/2009 · These cupcakes are for Jurij Dreo, a med student working in a neurophysiology lab in Slovenia. Jurij wanted to see something neuroscience or brain related on the blog and this is what I've whipped up: chocolate ganache filled brain cupcakes! ... More

how to open a bitcoin wallet

Have your Bitcoin transactions ever got stuck which has made you wait for hours for your bitcoins to arrive in the wallet? Also, have you wondered why it takes more than 10 minutes in receiving your BTC? ... More

how to make grappa with sugar

Scatter pears with sugar, then dot over butter, making sure some butter is in the core of each pear. Squeeze over lemon juice, drizzle with olive oil and roast for 40 minutes. Baste pears with pan juices, add grappa and bake until tender (40 minutes). Increase oven to 160C, baste pears and roast until caramelised (15-20 minutes). Serve immediately drizzled with pan juices and almond crema. ... More

how to run a successful craft fair

Heart Hook Home share their 18 tips and tricks for being a successful stall holder. From how to setup your stock to how to get rid of leftover stock that hasnt sold. ... More

how to make a collage of photos macbook air

9/04/2012 The Pages application certainly isn't specific to making photo collages, but it has plenty of general purpose features if you have your own collage design in mind. And if you really want to create a scrapbook of your own design, you can start from a blank document in any page-layout program. ... More

how to move photos to sd card on lg phone

26/09/2016 · How to copy or Move your files, photos, videos, folders or documents on your LG G5 from internal to memory card. A memory card is considered external storage and you can use the … ... More

how to make the best grilled sirloin steak

Today I will start with the Marinated, Grilled Sirloin Steak. We get this steak rub/marinade recipe from our good friend Javier. First time we ever had it, we knew we had to buy the same thing. ... More

how to make keychain scoobies loop

Similar to how to make a paracord bracelet, this How to make a Paracord Keychain tutorial uses the same paracord knots. It's the best in paracord projects. It's the best in paracord projects. ... More

how to make video using web camera

YouTube Help: Using Webcam to Record Video; About the Author. Alex Smith began writing in 2006 and brings a combination of education and humor to various websites. He holds a Master of Arts in ... More

how to make a hot wheels cake

Make Hot Cocoa Cheesecake this season and add it to your holiday table. You’ll love everything from the rich, creamy filling to the fluffy marshmallows on top. You’ll love everything from the rich, creamy filling to the fluffy marshmallows on top. ... More

how to make a papper popper

These Sweet Pepper Poppers are the perfect appetizers for parties and family gatherings. Ready in 30 minutes this oven baked party food is easy to make and tastes amazing! Ready in 30 minutes this oven baked party food is easy to make and tastes amazing! ... More

how to make own tf2 hit sound

You can create your own Hit Sounds by converting a sound to .wav format. A custom Kill Sound can be made by placing a killsound.wav in the folder specified above, while a custom Hit Sound can be produced by placing a file named hitsound.wav . ... More

how to make gpt partition active

How to unmark a partition as active In the same way as you can use DiskPart utility to mark a partition as active, you can also use DiskPart utiliyt to unmark a partition as active. You cannot use Disk Manager to do this. ... More

how to say allahu akbar in japanese

15/03/2015 · The Penis Song ( Piano ) America's Got Talent - An 84 Years Old Old Man Sings A Funny Song - Duration: 5:17. FunnyVideosTv 5,590,158 views ... More

how to make baby bandanas

chasity Bandana Baby Bib Pattern & Tutorial – Mary Martha Mama- free printable pattern and tutorial for how to make a bandana baby bib Fall in Love Collect Collect this now for later ... More

how to play feels like home youtube

Without a doubt, however, neither of these two mobile platform alternatives feels like home, and Windows Phone diehards know exactly what I mean. Windows ... More

how to make money in your retirement

Rolling your employee retirement savings into an IRA is your best option: Rolling money into an IRA opens the toolbox, so to speak, for the investor to invest in individual stocks, bonds ... More

how to make youtube kid friendly

29/11/2018 · I absolutely love kid-friendly baking projects! My kids and I have so much fun in the kitchen with these because my ultimate goal is to just have the best time and not stress over the “perfect” outcome. ... More

how to make sweet custard

Smile: You just learned How to make Sweet Sticky Rice with Thai Custard Serving suggestions: Serve into a nice serving dish place on your table and using a spoon, slice pieces of the eggy custard and lay them on top of the sweet sticky rice, for a finishing touch drizzle an extra spoonful of sweet ... More

how to make toad in the whole

Galton Blackiston's superb toad in the hole recipe helps you to indulge in this old favourite once again . Serve with your favourite side dishes and indulge in classic comfort food. ... More

how to make a wii u skin

In the Wii U Menu, tap "Wii U Chat." icon If asked, put in your PIN by pressing " Input PIN ". In the Wii U Chat front page you can use the scroll-bar located at the top to choose a friend to call. ... More

how to make your own cross stitch pattern excel

You can use the simple form to make a quick pattern, or you can use the advanced form to make more specific adjustments like cloth size selection, image enhancement, and color maximums and minimums. I wanted to try something simple to start out, so I uploaded my three-color blog icon. ... More

how to make sarma croatia

Vera already took us to former Yugoslavia with her travche grache from Macedonia and her bajadera, an easy-to-make no-baking cake from Croatia that she published last Originally from the former Ottoman Empire, sarmas are cooked in Serbia by using sauerkraut leaves, ground meat, rice and seasonings. ... More

how to put json value into table

##Info json-to-table converts an array of Javascript objects into a table format. The column headers are all the possible "leaves" of the javascript objects. ##Usage ... More

how to make a block quote

Open the Word document that you want to create a block quote in and locate the quote that you want to make block. First of all you will need to separate it into its own paragraph so click before and after the quote and create a new line. Step # 2 Adjusting the Quote Indents. You should also remove the quotation marks around the text and insert a colon at the end of the sentence above the ... More

how to do carriage return in instagram

The line breaks are added when you create the Bio text (shift+enter), and the line breaks are saved, when you pull a Bio via API you can see them, however they just don't display when Twitter is displaying your Bio, many folks seem to use special characters for padding to make the lines look nice, like a dash-space-dash pattern or some such. ... More

how to make rice bubbles cake

Add the sugar, egg, soda, salt, flour and rice bubbles, combining well. Using a dessert spoon, place even dollops on your tray, allowing for a little spreading. Bake for 15 minutes or until lightly golden. ... More

covergirl ink it how to open

Ink It with Cover Girl's Perfect Point Plus Eye Liner! Colors glide on smoothly and easily without skipping, dragging, or pulling. These bright, bold shades last all day long. Colors glide on smoothly and easily without skipping, dragging, or pulling. ... More

how to raise baby frogs

At JoshsFrogs, we simply turn the 32oz container we used to raise the tadpole at a 45 degree angle, drain out most of the water, and place a vented insect cup lid on top to prevent an unintentional escape. ... More

how to make a crankcase breather for a vintage bike

7/09/2012 · It's not always a malfunctioning breather that causes noises but rather that the breather is not able to cope with excessive crankcase comopression caused by excessive blow by or a leaking rear main seal. In fact it can be the seal that makes the noise rather than the breather itself. If the bikes been stood a long time I've seen cases where the seals improve some just through the bike being used. ... More

the crochet crowd how to make a circle

You can make it from Zpaghetti or make your own T-shirt yarn! Rag Rug Tutorial by Eren San Pedro, on Vintage Chica: This tutorial shows how to cut rags or fabric for rug making, but you’ll need to know how to make a the circle or oval. ... More

how to make led display board

Find here LED Display Board, Light Emitting Diode Display Board manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India. Get contact details & address of companies manufacturing and supplying LED Display Board, Light Emitting Diode Display Board, LED Light Board across India. ... More

how to make fruit cocktail dessert

Tip the glass and very carefully pour the fruit juice down the side. Repeat with the grenadine syrup. Serve decorated with a pineapple slice and a glace cherry speared on a cocktail stick ... More

how to make garden watering system

Homemade vs. Commercial Systems. If you want to see your garden grow well and produce a healthy harvest, you need to make sure your plants get enough water. ... More

how to get messenger to open links in youtube

When you're done, tap the Messenger button, which will open that app. Pick one or more people to share your message with, and Messenger will send it to those people, either in an existing chat (if ... More

how to make picture out of frame in premiere pro

Find out more in this Premiere Pro tutorial. In Premiere Pro, the default poster frame (or thumbnail) for your clips is the first frame of your selected video. While this may work for some videos, usually the first frame is not a great indication of what is going on in the clip itself. ... More

how to make hemp oil tincture

CBD & Terpene Rich Hemp Oil Tincture This All-Natural Tincture Most Powerful CBD Oil Containing The Highest Quality Hemp Available Size: 15mL bottle with a dropper. ... More

how to make cake bunting

4/03/2015 · For this video tutorial I thought I would show you how I create my bunting cake toppers which are made out of gumpaste. These are great to make to … ... More

how to put yourself in a temporary coma

Be creative teaching nurses to do neuro assessments. Your head trauma patient bounces back and seems fine after an epidural bleed and temporary loss of consciousness, but lapses into a profound coma — all in a matter of minutes. ... More

anu how to make timetable

Here you can specify some requirements on your timetable. If you don't want a requirement to apply, just leave it blank. You can also click and drag on the timetable viewer to set blocks of time you want free. ... More

how to make sarsaparilla cordial

6/12/2018 You can buy cordials sarsaparilla, dandelion and burdock, ginger beer and blood tonics in a little temperance bar in a place called Rawtenstall, Lancashire, 30 minutes north of Manchester. They have a small bar selling hot and cold drinks. Mr Fitzpatricks, Britain's last original Temperance bar Est, 1890. Well worth a trip back in time. ... More

how to say goodnight in afrikaans

Good night images with quotes for friends are the most beautiful good night images for friends. wish your beloved friends with special good night quotes wishes ... More

how to make flat crepes

In France, savory crepes are generally laid flat with the ingredients on top, with the four sides then folded in to showcase the ingredients. Sweet crepes are generally folded into a triangle. Sweet crepes are generally folded into a triangle. ... More

how to make a novel cover

6/07/2017 Making your own fabric book cover is a super quick easy project. This book cover is for a textbook but you can use it on any hardcover book, journal, or ... More

how to make aloo masala

Everyone loves potatoes and one of the most popular and interesting ways to cook them is to turn them into mouth-watering aloo masala. Aloo masala is simple ... More

how to open a vga cable

Step. Turn off both the TV and laptop, if they are in use. Step. Locate the VGA cable that you will use to connect the laptop and the TV. Step. Find the RGB/VGA external monitor port on your laptop. ... More

how to make red lobster cheddar biscuits

These Billion Dollar Buttery Biscuits are super easy to make, and they're the best buttery biscuits ever. They're also known at Biscuits, but Buttery Biscuits is a better description. ... More

how to make money cutting hair

Grace Cutie: 8:34 That lady screwed up that poor girl's haircut. With that style, which is kind of a bob, you can't cut it straight across like that because that's not how it's suppose to be cut. ... More

how to make roles self assignable discord

Safety Jim Commands Prefix: -mod (customizable) Self assigns specified role if it's in self-assignable roles list.-mod iam -mod iam Cool Role: role/add : Adds a self-assignable role.-mod role add -mod role add Cool Role: role/remove: Removes a self-assignable role.-mod role remove -mod role remove Cool Role: tag: Sends the response saved with tag's name ... More

how to make glossy slime with elmers glue

13/07/2017 · Have fun making this slime! INGREDIENTS: 1) Elmer's School Glue 2) Lotion/Cream 3) Water. ... More

windows 10 how to change load order for startup items

One of the new features in Windows 10 is the Quick Access view in File Explorer. Quick Access replaces the Favorites view from Windows 8.1 and aims to blend user-defined favorite ... More

how to say 345 in spanish

28/06/2013 · Looking at a bank statement from Santander bank Mexico which lists this monetary amount as the account balance: $345,80.76 While I would like to say that a number has been left out, this exact amount appears throughout the document numerous times. ... More

how to make a reset disk for samsung laptop

Download it, or make a Hirens boot CD and run the program "kill disk". This will overwrite your hard disk with zeroes. The pro version of "killdisk" can overwrite it 35 times. ... More

how to put sim caed in aspera 25 phone

How to Root Android Phone ASPERA R25 for customize and optimize your phone. Google Pixel 3 Lite leaks again, right next to a Pixel 3 this time Apple starts selling SIM free iPhone XR in the US ... More

how to make lemon meringue pie without condensed milk

Lemon cream pie made with Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk involves utilizing a pre-made graham cracker crust and filling it with a mixture of lemon juice, eggs and cream. The lemon pie serves 8 to 10 people and can also be prepared using a homemade 9-ounce crust, instead of … ... More

how to make alcohol jello shots

Sub-par Jell-O shots made with not enough booze are a crime against edible alcohol. But overly boozed, watery Jell-O messes arent much better. ... More

how to play keno lotto

NZ lotteries offer to play keno because of the keno previous results showing good favour to the customers which played. Keno lotto winning numbers are not too hard to predict, check any daily keno results NZ and youll have this feeling you could have picked a fair few. There is a system that can strike payout rewards and worth giving it a go next time the NZ lotto comes around. With online ... More

how to make the color grey with food coloring

To make gray icing, start with white icing and add a drop of black food coloring. Mix thoroughly to fully incorporate the colors, and add more black until the desired shade of gray is achieved. ... More

how to make a small crochet ball

If you don't have a lot of time and you really don't feel like crocheting a big blanket, you are so happy that there are fun free crochet patterns around for small projects. ... More

how to make a rocket ship out of paper

27/12/2018 · Cut squares out of red, orange, and yellow tissue paper or tissue paper. Stack them together, then place them over the bottom of the rocket. Use your finger to push the stack into the rocket partway. The tissue paper/cellophane will flare out … ... More

how to make a tax file number online

That's a month earlier than the former filing date. The change was made to help prevent tax fraud, and the earlier date applies to all filings, including both paper and online submissions. ... More

how to make scampi pasta

Amanda is a digital media professional, writer, and [amateur] chef. She loves to meal prep, zen out, and cultivate a purposeful life. Her work producing digital content, video and social media has been featured on Forbes, NBC, Yahoo, CNN, PandoDaily and more. ... More

how to make your shoes smell nice

Pee-ew problem? Put half a dryer sheet in each shoe overnight and by morning, they'll be fresh as daisies. Ahh! ... More

how to make leather chaps osrs

leather to suede. June 25, 2012 I’ve been coveting these boots for months, but I couldn’t rationalize the purchase because I already own these (above). I know you understand, they’re different but the same. So yesterday I decided to dive into the aging kit I used to use on set and go to town trying to make a new boot out of an old one. Here’s how I did it. Stuff the booties with ... More

how to get a taurus woman to open up

Conservative Taurus will be low key and wait till he is comfortable enough to open up. Attraction is immediate but these two will not rush because both will take their sweet time planning their next course of action. His tender and cordial ways will endear him to her. The Crab looks for a sweet, quiet woman as his life partner which she fits to a tee. ... More

how to make video editing showreel

If you are using your showreel to support an application for a corporate, talking head video, the client doesn’t want to see the Go-Pro footage for the sports channel. Similarly, if you are being put forward for a Reality show, the client doesn’t want to see your Dispatches edit. Of course they all demonstrate your ability but a client wants to see why you are perfect for the job, not that ... More

how to open suunto heart rate monitor

With Suunto Comfort Belt, you can monitor your heart rate in real time as you train. This allows you to adjust your training so that your real-time or average heart rate is within the range that is most effective in reaching your individual training goals. ... More

baby whisperer how to put baby to sleep

In Secrets Of The Baby Whisperer: How To Calm, Connect, And Communicate With Your Baby, Hogg and co-author Melinda Blau promise to help new parents maintain balance by preventing a newborn from dominating their lives. ... More

how to make hard origami animals

1/11/2018 · Use origami paper or make a square. Origami paper already comes in the shape of a square, but you can make your own square with regular paper. To create a square, take a piece of paper and fold the top corner over to the opposite side of the paper, until the top edge of the paper is in line with the side of the paper. This will create a triangle. Then, cut around the triangle shape and open it ... More

how to make a sweater for a rat

Learn how to make a no-sew dog sweater or pet sweater from a sleeve or pant leg from a sweater, sweatshirt, sweatpants, fleece shirt or pants or really any long sleeved top or pants! The Thrifty Couple DIY, Crafts, Frugal Living, Recipes, Tips for Intentional Living ... More

how to open a perfume bottle spray

Dear Margie, Cologne and perfume are by nature somewhat sticky. If a bottle sits unused for a period of time, the tiny opening in the sprayer can clog so it will not spray. ... More

how to make james plural

Know how to use apostrophes for acronyms and years. Say you use an acronym for a noun, like CD. To make CD plural, use "CDs," not CD's." The same logic goes for years instead of writing "Spandex was popular in the 1980's," use "1980s." The only time an apostrophe should be used in a year is if it's standing in for omitted numbers. For instance, if you wanted to shorten the year 2005, you ... More

how to put a outside table on a caravan

The Lifestyletable is a low profile folding table that is easily attached to the side of your caravan, without cutting a large hole into your exterior wall. Australian designed and manufactured with quality stainless steel, aluminium and now with NEW die-cast aluminium corners. The sturdy construction allows for a maximum weight allowance of 25kg. ... More

how to put a stains on pavers

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you remove grease and oil stains from pavers. How to Remove Grease + Oil Stains from Concrete Paving Stones Step 1: If the stain is fresh and still has liquid sitting on the surface, soak up as much of the oil or grease as possible with rags or paper towels. ... More

how to make ice bar at home

Add vanilla ice cream to the other 1/4 of the tray and level out across the tray, it should start to look like a giant Weis bar. Top with baking paper and pop in the fridge for 3-4 hours. Once set, take out and cut into 2 inch strips. ... More

how to play witch pathfinder

Pathfinder advances the in-game year with each real-world year and this won’t be changing for Second Edition, with the in-world year advancing to 4719 Absalom Reckoning. No global cataclysm will make the world or its nations unrecognizable. ... More

how to make meatballs for spaghetti without breadcrumbs

8/10/2018 · Add in the cooked meatballs, stir and cook for about 5 minutes. If you have already made your spaghetti, you can add in your spaghetti to the meatballs sauce, stir until combined and just cook for another 2 minutes before serving. ... More

how to make a baby doll crib

As that was decided and I had already started my girls Duvet Cover Set, I also thought it would be cute to make matching baby doll crib bedding set. And so I did. And so I did. DIY Baby Doll Crib Bedding set ... More

how to prepare wife for anal sex

Watch Preparing Wifes Ass For Anal porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Preparing Wifes Ass For Anal scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device ... More

how to say am in chinese

... More

how to open skype db file

20/07/2012 · Using SQLite Database Browser (or any other SQLite tools), you can open the "official" memory of the Skype program. The information you can retrieve from this file represent the data that has not been deleted or removed by the user. Schema The schema is the set of tables and indexes within the database file. It provides the structure of the database, the names of the tables, the fields … ... More

how to make myself admin on my ark server

Im essentially on a PvE server and when i logged in i was hadcuft and the player took items out of my inventory and it wouldn't of mattered were i was as he is a admin and i havent done anything to him. ... More

how to say hello in belgium

A gesture is a more straightforward way of saying hello or goodbye. 24/7 Wall St. looked into how people around the world do to say hello. The following list includes traditional and formal ... More

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how to put codes in moshi monsters

Where do I enter secret codes from Moshi Monsters products? Last Updated: Jun 14, 2016 If you have a secret code, you can enter this by logging in to your account as usual, and then pressing the purple 'Enter Secret Code!' button underneath your room.

how to make the best chocolate chip cookies ever

These are EXCELLENT!!! Some of the best cookies I have ever made. I did make a few changes--half margarine/half shortening (I do this with all of my cookies...for some reason my cookies …

how to make slime not sticky anymore

Her:It’s not that sticky anymore U say how to make slime with hand sanitizer but then u say “ omg I’m so happy i made slime! “ lol so fake wtf. Pup and Me 5 дней назад. how would liquid starch activate handsanatizer? its fake! Disney lover _xoxo 6 дней назад. Is fake. Starr Plays Roblox 6 дней назад. There's a another activator call Eye Selosion lady

how to make bacon eggs tomato

The best Baked Eggs with Bacon, Tomato and Spinach recipe you will ever find. Welcome to RecipesPlus, your premier destination for delicious and dreamy food inspiration. Welcome to RecipesPlus, your premier destination for delicious and dreamy food inspiration.

how to open dwfx files

For more general information about how to open DWFX files, file extension dwfx and registry you can read one of the following articles: Windows registry - Windows registry is included in modern Windows operating systems to replace the older INI files which also contained system configuration.

how to say that something is just forced on

Say something, I'm giving up on you I'll be the one if you want me to Anywhere I would've followed you Say something, I'm giving up on you. And I... am feeling so small

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